Dog Beds Wholesale | China to America | LCL and DDP

So how a new dog beds wholesale importer buys from China? Use LCL and DDP to start your wholesale business!


Been in the dog beds wholesale business for over 10 years, and we control quality from fabric material to processing factory to export. Now we are trusted by both pet supplies and fabric importers from 7 continents.

And obviously, America is a very important pet supplies export market for us with high demands and requirements at the same time. Loading&shipping is one part of our service and there are 4 aspects to this.


This American buyer just started an e-store and wants to import dog beds wholesale from China without his own importing license. He needs a professional exporter who can take care of all processes including products, export, and import.

And we’ve been manufacturing dog clothes, dog beds, pet carriers, and pet harnesses, also in order to control product quality, we source fabric material and arrange factory production on our own.


This is fresh dog beds OEM order with customized fabric material, designs, sizes, and packing.

Before producing, our buyer followed our order process and we go through Material Sourcing, Sample Confirmation, Factory production, Loading&Shipping, and Customs Declaration.

wholesale pet product suppliers

This container takes 30 days to finish material and sewing production, which is quite fast.

3. Truck & LOADING

We load an LCL(Less than Container Load) for this customer, as the total cargo volume is around 12CBM which is less than one container load volume. So during this loading, we didn’t directly load into the container, but a truck to the freight forwarder’s warehouse, and they will reorganize and collect the cargo to a container. As a professional exporter, we always calculate and decide the most suitable carton size in order to perfectly fit into the container and leave no awkward space.


Even though we already did an inspection, as a professional dog beds wholesale exporter, we still need to check all product lists including quantity, designs, carton numbers, etc. In this case, all cartons are pretty all the same weight.


When it comes to proper loading, as a simple rule of thumb, heavier cargo is located at the bottom and must be evenly distributed on the truck floor. In addition, we will put lighter products on top. As a professional dog beds wholesale exporter, we take care of all loading details.


Sometimes the estimated loading data is not 100% accurate and we need to final confirm all successfully loaded cargo info including Gross Weight, Quantity, CBM, etc. And then we can do an accurate customs declaration right after loading. For any leftovers, customers usually leave for the next shipment.


Since this buyer is a non-licensed buyer from America, our trade term is DDP (Door-to-door service) by sea shipping. And normally during the current situation, it takes around 20-25 days to ship from China to America. And at the port, our freight forwarder will clear the customs and deliver the goods to the customer.

ship 40HQ container of wholesale dog clothes fabric from china to madagascar



For sewing products like pet clothes, pet beds, pet carriers, and pet harnesses, etc, the quality of fabric material is the key to the finished pet supplies. And we locate in Shaoxing China, a very well-known manufacturing city.

Within 10+ years of fabric and pet supplies exporting, we already develop a competitive supply chain from material to finished pet items.

1. Material Sourcing


We will send out samples for your reference. You pay for the product samples, and we will pay for your international express fee.

Ready goods for quick shipment—Samples can be sent out immediately
OEM order for customization–-Samples can be sent out within 3-7 working days.

2. Sample Confirmation


After customers confirm samples and OEM order details, we step in and communicate all processing details, track the order status and keep customers updated as a professional wholesale dog supplies exporter.

3. Factory Production

And this ensures product quality, quantity, and order lead time. Obviously, this step is extremely important and requires laborers to keep tracking periodically.


While producing, we will do a 3-stage inspection including Pre-production, Mid-production sample check, and Final-check before loading. 

We will collect all of your required products from our warehouse, and do a responsible final inspection before loading to make sure quality. At meantime, we will send all products and inspection pictures and videos on WhatsApp Business for your approval. 

4. QC and Warehousing

If there are any faulty products, we will directly send them back to factories and redo them until they are all met the quality requirements.  


Before loading, we will check the product list again to make sure all products are right and waiting in the warehouse.

During loading, we distribute the cargo evenly in the container, basically simple rule is to put heavier fabric rolls or carton boxes on the bottom and set lighter ones on the top.

After loading, we double confirm the loaded products info and send all pics of Empty Container, Half Container, Full Container, Container Door Locking and Sealing Key for customers to keep updated.

5. Loading and Shipping


As a professional wholesale dog supplies exporter in China, after we complete the container loading, the next process is to do China Customs Declaration. We will have to submit the needed documents to China Customs including ED(Export Declaration), CI(Commercial Invoice), PL(Packing List), DPL(Detailed Packing List), etc.

6. Customs Declaration

The China customs department will check and verify the documents to ensure that all details are the same as the actual cargo details in the container. The goods will be released only after approval by China customs.



The ancient city of Shaoxing, in neighboring Zhejiang Province, boasts a history of over 2,500 years. Widely known for its beautiful scenery and rich culture and heritage, it is also called the “museum with no walls.”

There are four national economic and technological development zones in Shaoxing — Gaoxin, Keqiao, Paojiang and Shangyu — as well as Shaoxing Binhai New Town, a provincial-level industrial park established in 2010. These development zones have been providing a wide platform for investors and career-builders.

1. Material Sourcing

As an industrial city, Shaoxing is famous for its textile and mental process industries. It is also an important export base under China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

To date, Shaoxing has completed a very developed production supply chain in the textile-based industry, including grey fabric–dyeing– processing– export.

Shaoxing has also a good international reputation for its business environment, providing an efficient administrative service to all investors in the city.

export base


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