Meet us at 2023 Global Pet Expo | Go For America B1 Visa

Happy to share how we get to meet you at the Global Pet Expo step by step. We are confident enough that you need to import pet supplies from China cheaper and easier with our project plans.

Why Go For a business visa

To attend the 2023 Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, on Mar 22nd-24th. We had an in-person interview before getting our business visa approved. Happy to visit the USA successfully to meet with all of ya guys!

1. get business visa for global pet expo

About the global pet expo

It’s an annual trade show for the pet industry that takes place in Orlando, Florida, USA. It is one of the largest pet industry events in the world and is hosted by APPA and PIDA.


It provides a great platform for people like you and us in the pet industry. We may be manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. There we showcase our products and services and connect with other professionals.


The event typically features over 1,000 exhibitors from around the world. They display the latest products and innovations in pet care. Like pet food, pet toys, pet grooming products, pet accessories, and more.

3. products in Global pet expo


Once you’ve got your new product idea, we support the whole product development process by choosing our Pro Plan. Or maybe you are a beginner in the business and want to import in small quantities. Then our one-stop pet products sourcing service is the best for you!

4. services to offer in global pet expo

HiPet supplies exporter

Our booth#6020 may not be the most good-looking one, but we offer the most decent services and your desired products at competitive prices!

Coffee and have come first, then we talk about business.

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